New products

WF-1P - Wheel cleaner -

WF-1P iron particle remover, fallout remover pH neutral wheel cleaner safe for all wheels


Hybrid carnauba and acrylic glaze

Wolf's signature series carnauba wax for even the most discerning car owner.

WO-1G - Tire and Trim Gel -

An excellent tiire and trim gel that brings faded black back to life and is very durable

Professional grade carnauba wax for all paint types and colors

WP-0NP - Nano Coating -

Nano coating, scratch-resistant sealant, super slick surface, amazing beading and sheeting

WP-0NP2 -

Bodyguard premium nano coating with Si02 and Teflon™

WP-1G - Finishing polish -

A finishing polish designed to remove light scratches, swirl and compounding marks

WS-0N - Wash & Wipe -

Rinseless car wash, no need to rinse the car after washing just dry it off

WS-1N pH neutral car shampoo -

Super slick and extra foamy car shampoo with excellent cleaning power

WTC - 2N - Nano Textile Sealant -

A nano coating for textiles, soft tops and carpets. Repels liquids and makes cleaning easier

Wolf's Chemicals "Hard Body" scratch resistance



"Body Wrap" beading