New products

WF-1P - Wheel cleaner -

WF-1P iron particle remover, fallout remover pH neutral wheel cleaner safe for all wheels


Hybrid carnauba and acrylic glaze

WC-1L - Clay Lube -

Pink Slip is a super-slick clay lube designed to lubricate the surface while claying

WO-1G - Tire and Trim Gel -

An excellent tiire and trim gel that brings faded black back to life and is very durable

WP-0NP - Nano Coating -

Nano coating, scratch-resistant sealant, super slick surface, amazing beading and sheeting

WP-1G - Finishing polish -

A finishing polish designed to remove light scratches, swirl and compounding marks

WS-0N - Wash & Wipe -

Rinseless car wash, no need to rinse the car after washing just dry it off

WS-1N pH neutral car shampoo -

Super slick and extra foamy car shampoo with excellent cleaning power

WTC - 2N - Nano Textile Sealant -

A nano coating for textiles, soft tops and carpets. Repels liquids and makes cleaning easier

Wolf's Chemicals "Hard Body" scratch resistance



"Body Wrap" beading