WP-0NP - Nano Coating -

WP-0NP - Nano Coating -

WP-0NP - Nano Coating -

Nano coating, scratch-resistant sealant, super slick surface, amazing beading and sheeting


Wolfs Chemicals Nano Sealant Hard Body (WP-ONP) is a new sealant and is also scratch resistant to provide long-term protection against UV damage, dirt and other harmful contaminants on all painted surfaces.

Wolfs Chemicals Hard Body has a very strong chemical composition that will help prevent light scratches and swirls incurred during washing.

Durability - Up to 24 months


For best results, clean the surface with Wolf's Shine & Seal nano polish or some IPA (30% mix). With a clean cotton pad or foam applicator, evenly apply a thin layer of product to the surface with overlapping motions. Allow to dry for 15 minutes and remove residue with a cleaner microfibre towel. To ensure 100% coverage and for added protection and shine, a second layer is recommended and after a minimum of 3 hours curing time.

Suggested temperature of application is +12 degrees C  but do not apply to a hot surface or in direct sunlight!