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1; Nano Coatings

What is the difference between Hard Body & Body Guard & Mytery Juice?

The solids content of products shall determine how thick nano ceramic protective layer can be formed on the treated surfaces. The Wolf of nano-ceramic coating layer thickness is also with the Hardbody - Bodyguard -  Mystery Juice sequence can be determined.

Following the normal preparatory treatments the Hardbody can form a layer of about 0.4-0.6 micron thick coating. The Bodyguard can gives about 25% thicker coating with a single treatment. The Mystey Juice can create a coating of approx. 1.5x thicker coating as Hard Body makes.

2; Polish products

Strong relief scratch, highly polished cutting pastes, moderately strong one-step finishing and fine pastes can be found in our range.
Scratch removal, by cutting effect:

Heavy Cut Polish (Cut it): for heavily scratched and hard varnish surface polishing, its remover effect is the most effective with rotating polishing machine, we do not recommend the use with DA machine

Correcting Polish (Correct it): we recommend as first use to remove heavily cutted medium scratched and medium hard anti-scratch varnishes for polishing. DA rotary machine and a machine can be used

Medium Polish (Polish it): we recommend to use to refine the surface after polishing Heavy Cut Polish or hard coatings. It can be used as one-step polish.

Finishing Polish (Jewel it): it can be used after the upper mentioned polishing methods, its use depends on the polishing task.


On a clean surface, spread the polish evenly at a low speed (rotary 600-900 RPM or DA 2-3) and then work the polish in at 1500-2200 RPM or DA 5-6 *depending on paint type and hardness* with moderate pressure and allow ample time for it to properly break down. Once corrected, reduce the polishing speed and continue polishing the surface until the desired level of refinement has been achieved. For use with a rotary polisher, DA or by hand. 

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