Nano Paint Sealant - MYSTERY JUICE 50ML

Nano Paint Sealant - MYSTERY JUICE 50ML

Nano Paint Sealant - MYSTERY JUICE 50ML
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Mystery Juice SiO2 coating is capable of forming a solid and very hard layer protection on painted surfaces. This extremely hydrophobic and durable coating will help protect against bird droppings, caustic chemicals and other contamination. Safe for use on all paint types and colors. For use by hand. 


Use together with Nano Glaze and Nano Polish to achieve the best results.


Clean and prepare the entire painted surface with Wolf’s Nano Glaze and make sure that the surface is oil and contaminationfree. If Nano Glaze is used to prepare the surface, no other cleaners are necessary. With a coton or microfi ber applicator, apply a thin layer of the coating to the surface. Allow the coating to dry, weather dependent. Once the coating has dried, remove the residue with a clean microfi ber towel changing sides with the towel frequently. Treat one panel at a time. Allow 24-48 hours for the coating to cure and do not allow the surface get wet during this time. The total curing time of the coating is 3-6 days, depending on the weather.

Wolf's Paint nano coating (nano Polish, nano Glaze, nano Sealant) will form a form a super-hydrophobic, self-cleaning shield on paint surfaces. This product is especially useful on paint surfaces where strong surface protection is paramount. This coating forms a layer of protection that is approximately one molecule thick (1 nanometer = 1– 9 meter = 10– 6 micrometers), as the average size of an atom is 0.2 – 0.5 nanometers thick.

Nano surface

A single nano treatment consists of 3 layers: The first or “bonding layer”, forms the foundation of the coating by becoming part of the substrate itself. Being that this layer actually becomes a permanent part of the surface it's being applied to, this SiO2 or “quartz/glass” layer will protect from the elements for an exceptionally long period of time.

The second “filler layer” anchors to the “bonding layer” and fills the gaps between nano particles to form a homogenous nano surface, which is necessary for the for the last layer to form properly.

The third “hydrophobic layer” bonds to the previously formed layer and provides the surface roughness which creates the hydrophobic lotus effect.

Properties of a  super-hydrophobic (nano) coating:

  1. The coating itself is very thin, circa 1 nanometer thick, which can not be seen by the naked eye
  2. The coating forms a very strong bond to the surface and the “bonding layer” is quite difficult to remove
  3. The coating does not “layer”, meaning that adding several layers will not “build” or make a thicker coating. In other words, it will not adhere to itself.
  4. The coating will repel water and dirt/contamination will not form a strong bond to the treated surface. 

In cold weather, the hydrophobicity of nano coatings may decrease! In these conditions, the moisture in the air tends to form a dense layer of moisture on the surface which can “stick” to the surface and prevent water drops from forming because of the constant moisture in the air. The warm air of nano coating improves.

Nano coating a new vehicle​:

Our nano coatings can be applied to new vehicles in 2 steps. The first step is to polish the paint with our nano glaze “The Hybrid” with a finishing pad in order to clean any contamination that resides in the paint, to smooth out the surface and to lay the foundation of nano particles for the nano coating itself. You will see a vast improvement in gloss and reflection after this step and this is even on new paint!

The second step is to apply the nano coating, either “Hard Body” or “Bodyguard”, which will strengthen the coating and will provide the upper and hydrophobic layer of protection. 

Nano coating a used vehicle:

This can be achieved in three steps. The first step is to polish the vehicle with our nano polish “Shine & Seal”, which will remove scratches from the paint (prior compounding may be necessary), smooth out the surface and create a foundation for the nano particles. The second step is to glaze the paint with our nano glaze “The Hybrid”. This step will form the middle “glass” layer of protection on the vehicle. The last step is to coat the vehicle with either “Hard Body” or “Bodyguard” nano coating to lay last, hydrophobic layer of protection. Following these steps will ensure the strongest bond of the coating and will provide the best durability and shine.

The warm air of nano coating improves.