Here you can search for the nearest Wolf's Chemicals distributor to you, as well as find an official Wolf's detailer. We are proud to say that every product from Wolf's Chemicals is designed and developed by ourselves, all original and no re-branding. Wolf's Chemicals detailing products can be found in several countries all around the world. We also offer excellent customer and product support so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

If you are interested in being on our team as a distributor, please feel free to contact us! 

Here is a list of our current distributors! If you can not find a distributor in your area, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction. 

Priority Distributors: 

1; The United Kingdom

Carclean.nl - www.carclean.nl

2; Italy


3; The United States of America - NEW

Obsessed Garage - www.obsessedgarage.com/collections/glass-and-trim




Superior Finish Car Detailing Camden - www.facebook.com/superiorfinishcardetailingcamden


Detailing-pro studio Minsk - alexgorin81@gmail.com

Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia

Detailing Bulgaria - www.detailingbg.com/

Czech Republic

Iwash s.r.o. - www.iwash.cz


Projectech Oy - autonhoitokauppa.fi



Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

LLC "Status fortis" -  LT-76332 Šiauliai, Vilniaus g.  269-34


Carclean.nl - www.carclean.nl

Republic of Korea

GoldenCross Company / Luna Tech - https://www.facebook.com/Lunatech-670696813099805/?fref=ts


Ambient Plast Srl
Pop E Ioan Alexandru PFA - www.ingrijireauto.ro


Leon van Gerwen GmbH - www.demonsetangels.com

Autopflegeshop.ch - http://www.autopflegeshop.ch/wolf_chemicals

The United Kingdom

Altus Auto Care Ltd. - AltusAutoCare.com
Carclean.nl - www.carclean.nl

The United States of America - NEW

Obsessed Garage - www.obsessedgarage.com/collections/glass-and-trim


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Tire and Trim Gel 5L
Wolf’s tire and trim dressing brings faded trim and tires back to life and provides a subtle &..
Car Shampoo  5L
White Satin is a pleasantly-scented shampoo that’s strong enough to cut through tough dirt and..
All Purpose cleaner  5L
An all purpose cleaner specifically formulated to clean all surfaces of a vehicle, inside and out. T..
Fallout Remover  5L
Wolf’s Deironizer is the safest and most effective way to remove industrial fallout, rail dust..
Snow Foam Shampoo 5L
Wolf’s Yellow Snow is a highly concentrated, foaming pre-wash designed to loosen debris and ro..
Nano Wheel Cleaner  5L
At Wolf’s we thrive on innovation and “Clean & Coat” is one of many of our cre..
W & W Car Shampoo   5L
Wolf’s “Mean Green” is a specially blended car shampoo that requires no rinsing af..
Wash n' Wax Shampoo 5L
Agent Orange is a wash n’ wax shampoo with a natural orange scent that cleans, beautifies and ..
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