Liquid Wax 0,5L

Liquid Wax 0,5L

Liquid Wax 0,5L
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Wolf’s Blue Moon is a liquid carnauba wax that protects your car from the harsh elements of man and nature and will leave a high-gloss shine on any automotive finish (not recommended for matte finishes!). Durability is also a notable characteristic of WP-0G, as our tests have yielded 4-6 months of protection even under every day driving conditions.


Shake product well before using! Apply a small amount of product to a foam or microfiber applicator and spread evenly on the surface. Allow the product to dry for approximately 10 minutes and remove the residue with a clean microfiber cloth. This product may also be applied by DA or rotary machine with a finishing pad at low speeds. Do not use in direct sunlight or apply to a hot surface! For professional use.

WARNING: Dangerous goods, so at the delivery additional charges may be payable.