On these pages you can learn step by step process of Wolf's total car care. You can learn the method of cleaning of   different interior and exterior surfaces cleaning of  cars with different materials and tools.
The surfaces have been cleaned by further preservation, renovation treatments of the following  methods as paint correction, tire and trim cleaning and protection, interior cleaning and dressing, etc.
You can get professional help how to use   Wolf's Chemicals complete system, you can get to know the complete technology effectively performed on the various car care details.

Our purpose is to give you the most useful information and help in Wolf's car care products for the best and most efficient use.






We provide discounted packages for starter car care specialits and professionals. The packages  are assembled to give you a possibility to try and use any aspect of car careing products.


Detailer packages:


Starter set    – starter car care specialist
Base set   –advanced car care specialist
Professinal set   – professional car care specialist


The Starter set includes all car care products that you will need for a full car care service.


The Base set includes starter car care products with nano coating.


The Professional set includes all car care products with an amazing price tag.


Detailer packages are eligible for lowered shipment costs.


Information: order@wolfschemicals.com



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